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SKILLDAR™ (skill + radar) is a content creation community.

It is a meeting place for finding and offering skills for audio/visual production.

Our community radically streamlines the connection and communication between people who want to create great content.


Content Creators. 


Offer and Find Audio+Visual #Skills

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We come from a background in technology, film, music and social media content production. We realized how hard it is to find the right collaborators on any creative project, and how general confusion and lack of transparency is feeding the popular frustration. 

The traditional social medias are stuck figuring out more and more ways to share content rather than raising the bar and quality for what gets out there in the first place. We are reinventing online Search, Communication and the concept of a Marketspace, making the old ways obsolete.

So SKILLDAR is for a new generation of creatives and those who now need them. Whether you consider yourself an artist, a business needing help to get a content project off the ground, or someone just starting out in the content game, SKILLDAR is the only platform you need to get things done. 

We're looking for rebel backers and developers to join us. Visit our company page to find out more. 

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coming to A CITY NEAR YOU

We radically integrate both local and global features to streamline communication between clients and audio/visual creators. The community will therefore initially be opening in a limited number of locations.

Request an early invite to get free, personalized, VIP service as we work hard to include your city in the range.